There’s the question of which fabric is better for bed sheets. One of the most common bed sheet controversies is whether cotton or polyester bed sheets are better.

Cotton or polyester, as a fabric for making bed sheets, each has advantages and disadvantages. It isn’t really about being the best. It all boils down to which one is ideal for you and your requirements. Instead, you should analyze them based on various of considerations when making a choice.


The question over which fabric is ideal for bed sheets is one that has yet to be resolved. We’ve compiled some of the most important factors of cotton and microfiber bed sheets.

Cotton sheets become softer with each wash, but due to their natural fibers, they are more likely to break down. However, natural fibers help to regulate temperature, resulting in a cool and dry sleep. They are perfect for hot sleepers at night.

Cotton sheets are an excellent choice for persons with sensitive skin. Cotton sheets are simple to clean, but because they are made of natural fibers, they will wear out faster over time. Cotton may shrink after the first wash and is more prone to wrinkling.


Polyester bed sheets are constructed of polyester, a synthetic material. Because the fabric is synthetic or man-made, minimum processing is required to turn it into a bed sheet when it is manufactured. As a result, polyester bed sheets are a less expensive option than cotton bed sheets.

Since microfiber sheets have a tight weave and are less likely to breakdown with regular washings, but they trap heat more easily than cotton sheets. They are more suited to persons who get cold at night.

Microfiber sheets are lightweight, silky, and slippery. However, due to the sheet’s thinness, it may bunch up during the night if the sleeper is restless. Microfiber sheets are easy to clean and maintain; they can be washed on any cycle and are less likely to shrink.

You Should Purchase Cotton If…

✓ Breathability is a consideration.

✓ You have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

✓ Softness is a priority.

You Should Purchase Microfiber If…

✓ You’re seeking for a less expensive sheet choice.

✓ You want something more sturdy and wrinkle-resistant.

✓ You want a sheet that is silky smooth.

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